Group Meeting Notes


November 11th 2015

Chemistry lab training

Chemistry lab training in december or january - please express your interest (if you are interested) to Nathalie de Ruette <>
See also her eMail from Oktober 29th.


November 4th 2015

No meeting


October 28th 2015

Joint Stanford-Stockholm group meeting

We will start joint meetings in a few weeks. Probably after the APS beamtime in November where many of us are involved.
Time will be: Wednesdays, 5pm CET, 8am PST.
Technical details (software etc.) will be fixed in the next weeks.
Daniel Schlesinger volunteered for setting up skype on the TV in the kitchen and in Anders office.

Christmas event

Sunday, 6th of Dec. at Anders place.

Stanford-Stockholm workshop

Will happen somewhen in the first two weeks of May 2016 - Please keep your calendars free for this!

Note on Mechanical workshop at SU.

Wokshop has high work load. I.e. plan enough time for manufacturing of parts and be prepared for frequent discussions/check-ups with the workshop during manufacturing.


October 21th 2015

No Notes


October 14th 2015

Please do not plan any trips of vacations for the first two weeks of May 2016. More information will follow.

Group web page

Harshad will send a separate eMail with the responsibilities for the different parts
Everybody should have some part if his or her contribution to the website ready by next week!

Group name

We started an open competition for the best group name
Suggestions and voting for the winner will be done in the meeting next week (21st of October)
Names that can yield a nice abbreviation have high chances to win
Prize is a bottle of win
Suggestions during the meeting today:
- Chemical x-ray physics
- Condensed phase chemical physics
- Surface and liquid physics
- Chemical physics for energy and environment
- Structural and Dynamics x-ray science
- Ultrafast surface and water science
- X-ray surface and water science
- Ultrafast surface and water science

Group eMail list

Stanford people (Fivos, Andre, Sloan and Filippo) are added to the list now

Lab safety inspection

On 28th of October 2015
Make sure safety requirements are fullfilles
- lN2 signs, free access to fire-extinguisher, gloves available,...

Journals and papers for the kitchen

Anders will find out with Mona how complicated and expensive our own subscriptions would be
If not too expensive we aim for having Science, Nature, Physics today and Chemical and Engineering News
Recent papers published by our group should also go into the journals cupboard

Tasks for next week

Get website contribution done (Harshad will send eMail)
Group name suggestions
Prepare discussion points (beamtime proposal deadlines in particular)

Discussion points for next week

Upcoming beamtime proposal deadlines
Planning and scheduling of future beamtime (proposals)
Website contributions
Group name competition
Joint group meeting with Stanford people? - possibile time for this would be 5pm CET = 8am PST


October 7th 2015 (first meeting)

Ordering and project numbers

When ordering please take care of the right project number.
We have two project numbers. One for the recruitment grant and one for the ERC grant.
Recruitment grant: 1327119
ERC grant: 1327120
The ERC project number should be used for water related projects.
Everything else should go with the recruitment grant.

Technical projects

Peter will give a presentation for the technical division of Fysikum next week Tuesday (13th of Oct.). Matt, Harshad and Simon should send a one slide summary of their projects to Peter for this talk.

September 30th 2015 (first meeting)

No notes


September 23rd 2015 (first meeting)

- Website layout was discussed – HOME, RESEARCH, PEOPLE, PUBLICATIONS, GROUP MEETING(password protected part of the website so that group presentations can be uploaded and is convenient for groupmembers who travel)
- Home page would have 3 topics with attractive pictures –
A. Water, Ice and aqueous solutions
B. Ultrafast chemistry with FEL’s
C. Chemical energy transformations and catalysis

The above mentioned topics would have subtopics-

A 1. Ambient and supercooled water (input from Harshad and Thor)
A 2. Glassy water (Katrin and Daniel)
A 3. Dynamics (Foivos Perakis and Alex)

B1. FEL’s (input from Simon)
B2. Ultrafast Surface Chemistry (Matthew)
B3. THz (Anders)

C1. CO2 reduction (Input from Sloan)
C2. Electrocatalysis (Daniel Friebel)
C3. Heterogenous catalysis (David and Peter)​

Harshad and Anders would write a paragraph on 'ambient and supercooled water' and then we would circulate it throughout the group so that everybody has an idea of what to write.


September 16th 2015 (first meeting)

Group meetings will be every Wednesday at 10am - independent of presence of Anders (and others)
Simon will organize group meetings (developp schedule for talks/presentations, send around invitations and agenda for meetings and notes of the meetings)
Harshad will take over the organization of the group webpage
Responsibility for fruit baskets in the kitchen is organized by the list hanging in the kitchen. The person who is responsibile for the fruit baskets should also take care of the generale cleanliness of the kitchen in that week.
Everybody who is not yet on the Mol-mailinglist (SU chemical physics mailing list) should contact Åsa Larson ( to get on to the list.
Recommended movie: An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore. Enjoy! ;)

(We would like to thank our sponsors:)

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